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A new devised Lesbian horror-comedy theatre work

SLAY is a new theatre work in development in 2024 from the core creative team behind HOME ECONOMICS at Theatre Works EF 2024. We are working towards a 2025 premiere in Naarm (Melbourne). 

SLAY will engage with popular horror film from the queer female perspective, while also creating lesbian and queer theatrical representation. The work will lean into the camp aesthetic of horror while also attempting to create moments of genuine suspense and eeriness. In engaging with the horror canon, the aim is that the work of theatre created will be able to critique the way lesbians and queer women have traditionally been negatively portrayed in horror by being objectified, fetishized, or considered outsiders/monsters. It will be unapologetically bold, very camp, incredibly queer and intelligent in its critique of the heteronormative male gaze. 

Stay tuned in the second half of this year for more updates!

the word SLAY handwritten in blood on a mirror_edited.jpg

Developing SLAY

The content of SLAY will be created under the direction of myself, alongside four devisors and close collaborators: Anna Fujihara, Sarah Iman, Liimei Lim and Jackie van Lierop. They will also act in the piece and play live music on stage throughout in a nod to how horror movies used to be underscored by live organ.


The visual design of the work will be developed and created by Louisa Fitzgerald and Tom Vulcan, while the sound and compositions will be created by designer Jack Burmeister in conjunction with the devisors. 

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