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My Current Projects

Here are some of the things I am currently developing or working on...

SLAY - a new devised work

SLAY is a new devised lesbian horror-comedy theatre work that looks at lesbian and queer women’s representation in the horror canon. The work is being created by a group of emerging theatre makers and will lean into the camp aesthetic of horror while also attempting to have moments of genuine suspense and eeriness. It is being developed with design collaborators Jack Burmeister, Louisa Fitzgerald and Tom Vulcan, as well as with actors/devisors Anna Fujihara, Sarah Iman, Liimei Lim and Jackie van Lierop.

the word SLAY handwritten in blood on a

Blood In The Water - Stage Manager

A perpetrator’s mother tries to keep her life and family together after her only son is convicted of a violent sexual assault. Blood In The Water follows a mother, sister, aunt, and stepfather as they navigate the aftermath of the horrific crime. A hard-hitting political and personal piece, this story explores the consequences for the family of a perpetrator. How do we move forward? How do we and should we forgive? Is it even possible to make sure it never happens again?

This show is currently selling tickets for its La Mama Courthouse season in June:

BITW image.jpg

New Musical by Steph Lee and Josh Connell

Steph and Josh have teamed up again after the success of their first musical 'A Zoom Group Project: The Musical', which received a Green Room nomination for New Australian Music Theatre Writing in 2023. This new musical will be a fairytale musical that explores the tropes of the famous fairytale format and poses the question 'can the old fairytales be re-written to be feminist or does the genre need to bend and make way for new stories?'. 

mushrooms in a forest with the title fai
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