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Zoom Group Project (The Butterfly Club)

Show Type

Music Theatre


February 2022


Director and Co-Writer


The Butterfly Club, Melbourne

Zoom Group Project follows four students Amy, Lachlan, Tiffany and Brandon who have to complete a uni group project about climate change over Zoom in the middle of a pandemic. It was written by Josh Connell and Steph Lee, two emerging theatre-makers with a passion for telling stories about young people during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns in Melbourne.

"From the minds of emerging talents Stephanie Lee and Joshua Connell comes A Zoom Group Project: The Musical, a hilarious and honestly frighteningly accurate look into the chaos that is trying to complete a uni group project in the middle of a pandemic." (Theatre Travels)

"Thoroughly entertaining" (Theatre People)

"Beautiful, musical chaos" (Theatre Travels)

"The direction was intelligent, assured and witty" (Anthony Crowley, multi-award winning artist)

Written by: Josh Connell and Steph Lee
Directed by: Steph Lee
Presented by: The Butterfly Club
Lighting Design by: Taarani Charrett-Dunlop
Performed by: Josh Connell (Brandon), Jeremey Harland (Lachlan), Grace Laing (Amy) and Liimei Lim (Tiffany)

Green Room Award Association Nominated Musical for New Australian Music Theatre Writing.

Photos by Stephanie Lee.

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