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HOME ECONOMICS by Declan Greene (VCA Grad Show)

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September 2023


VCA Marten Myer Arena



Real food, real mess and a sickly saturated design underpin our society’s complicated relationship with overindulgence of all kinds in this new staging of acclaimed theatre maker Declan Greene’s ‘Home Economics’. It is a lip-licking critique of where desire meets violence that will leave you starving for more.

This emerging team offers their take on the triptych of FLOUR, SUGAR, and TRUFFLES: a deliciously icky series of character studies. Ruthless, biting and critical but also extremely human and touching, these short works reveal the writer’s genuine fondness for his characters.

Directed by recent VCA graduate Stephanie Lee, this production will overwhelm the senses and challenge moral superiority, reminding us that humans are incredibly complex individuals.

The roll call for these pieces goes a little something like…
A gay home economics teacher tempted by his 14-year-old student.
A young girl bullied by two teen dreams because her teeth all rotted from too much sugar.
A sex worker paid to have dinner with a tantrum throwing businessman.

In 2023 this work speaks to the complex interactions of power, privilege, wealth, consumption, and violence. It is ultimately in the constant balance between the uncomfortable and the enjoyable, where the audience will find themselves.

This work was presented as a part of the VCA Masters of Theatre Directing graduate season.

Prod Team:
Prod Manager - Kate Speakman
Stage Manager - Jordan Smith
Director - Steph Lee
Set Designer - Filipe Filihia
Costume Designer - Louisa Fitzgerald
Lighting Designer - Tom Vulcan
Sound Designer - Jackie van Lierop

Mr Lleyland - Edan Goodall
Phillip - Marko Pecer
Gerald - Ian Ferrington

Priscilla - Shanu Sobti
Troy - Alfie Baker
Cameron - Charlie Veitch

De Silva - Charlie Veitch
Dorothy - Sarah Iman

Photography by Andrew Signor!

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