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Vibe Check

Show type

Theatre performance


July 2022


Director and co-producer


The Butterfly Club, Melbourne

Vibe Check written by Greta Doell is a rom-com style two hander play that explores casual dating in the new age of dating apps, and the longing for connection even if brief lived.

“It had an affect on me. It was a bunch of great artists working together to make a piece of art that I’m glad I saw.” Praise Dionysus

"Vibe Check is a fear of commitment story - a familiar story in its way. But here it's taken to another level by Greta Doell's sharp eye and very good ear for her generations foibles and flaws - and enhanced by Stephanie Lee's direction." Stage Whispers

“Moving, honest and hilarious all at the same time.” Theatre Travels

“Wildly moving, and very recognisable, and very contemporary. I think they accomplished a lot.” Praise Dionysus

Written by: Greta Doell
Performed by: Freya Patience (Beth) and Oscar Morphew (Harry)
Directed by: Steph Lee
Lighting/Sound Design by: Ash Basham
Assistant Direction by: Lincoln Gidney

Photos by Greta Doell.

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